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Jun 17, 2005 09:30 AM

Wasabi goat cheese - what do I do with it?

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Bought some delicious fresh goat cheese flavored with wasabi at the farmer's market yesterday. Besides smearing it on crackers, any ideas what to do with it? I'm weak on improvising with Asian flavors and hopeless at fusion.

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  1. I've seen a designer maki with cream cheese and smoked salmon...maybe you could do maki rolls, or hand rolls, with your wasabi goat cheese and smoked salmon, and cucumber?


    1. It sounds like someone is stretching the envelope a bit. I'd probably be tempted to make an appetizer thingy with it - molded layers of wasabi goat cheese, smoked salmon, thinly sliced or shredded cucumber (shred, salt and squeeze dry to eliminate excess water), green onon?

      I often do a thing with regular goat cheese where I line a bowl or small souffle dish with plastic wrap, then make layers of basil pesto, sun dried tomato pesto and tapenade - alternating with goat cheese. Press everything down well and refrigerate until firm. Unmold, peel off plastic - serve with French bread or crackers. You could do a similar thing with the wasabi cheese and ingredients above.

      1. how about a sort of a rangoon? wonton wrappers...add crab to the cheese, or don't, and fry em up.

        1. Stir some into mashed potatoes and serve with grilled meat of your choice.

          1. Sounds interesting. I'd do a take on English tea sandwiches using sliced seedless cucumbers (Japanese if you can find them), your cheese, on sliced bread of choice (something w/ sesame and/or poppy seeds would be good IMO).

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              PS. Store-bought pickled ginger sandwiched inside would also be tasty and pretty.