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Jun 16, 2005 10:21 PM

Foods that don't need plates

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I am having about 30 people over for an afternoon party during July 4th weekend or the following weekend. I don't like to use paper plates and don't want to take china outside so I am looking for suggestions. I am already planning on hummus and pita, bruchetta, and white bean dip, salsa and olive tapinade with a variety of good chips and vegatables. Cheeses are out since some of the people are vegan. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

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  1. There are a lot of vegan cheeses out there these days. I haven't tried any, but others might have ideas?

    My guests enjoyed endives filled with a basic tomato/parsley/onion filling, topped with smoked salmon and capers. You would of course leave out the salmon, and maybe spruce up the filling with other veggies?

    Cupcakes for dessert seem like a good idea.

    1. ooo, I've always wanted to do this. Make some sort of Asian noodle salad, maybe with spicy peanut sauce and soba and serve them in individual Chinese take out boxes and disposable chopsticks!

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        beautiful idea! wish I'd thought of it.

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          That is "the" appetizer dish served at every single cocktail party I have been to in the last year. Frankly, around here the novelty has worn off and the last pary I went to rarely anyone took one when being passed because they are over them and most caterers have dummed them down so much they don't taste like anything except skippy. Its too bad because I love good peanut (dan dan)noodles!

        2. Although I am guessing it's probably summer where you are (I'm in the Australian 'winter') you could use a baked and hollowed pumpkin as a carrier for the dips - or a hollowed cob loaf of bread.

          Springrolls would be good finger food as would wraps, mini-quiches (egg though...), and how about some baked potato skins or vege-filled samosas or pasties?

          1. How about potstickers or satay or some other type of skewers? Fresh fruit on skewers would be a cooling dessert.

            1. Veggie hand rolls or cut rolls are easy (and filling). I had various sauces (ponzu, sriracha, etc.) in small bowls with demitasse spoons in case someone wanted to add a kick. I've also made rolls with mango/papaya and daikon for a sweet/peppery roll that's a little different.