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Jun 16, 2005 04:57 PM

Need a Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe

  • b

I am making a birthday cake for my Vegan uncle but am clueless on where I can find a good recipe. Does anyone have a recipe for a vegan chocolate cake. (No eggs/dairy) Thanks.

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  1. j
    JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

    Here you go! Not one, but *two* vegan chocolate cake recipes.

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    1. re: JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

      Thanks for the 2 recipes, have you tried them? Are they good? AKA, will non-vegans enjoy them as well?

      1. re: BB
        JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

        I'd like to try making them, but I don't make cakes much to begin with and when it's 105 outside it's even more of a deterrent.

    2. I don't have it on me, but there's a good one in Joy of Cooking which I have made on occasion. Obviously, it doesn't taste quite like something made with butter and eggs, but it's tasty. There's a vegan orange cake which is quite good too (I like sprinkling it with chocolate chips).

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      1. re: Dizzied
        Caitlin McGrath

        The JOC recipe is identical to the Amazon cake linked to in another post.

      2. p
        pecan pie wife

        I'm a fan of this recipe, which is quite good with powdered sugar on top. I haven't tried the suggested frosting, though. I wouldn't have known it was vegan if I hadn't made the recipe. And it really takes only 6 minutes to mix.