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Jun 16, 2005 04:47 PM

Overdid the horseradish planting

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I likd a horseradish encrusted tenderloin for Christmas dinner so I decided to plant my own to insure fresh horseradish. I planted five roots. Holy Cow!! The stuff is really going balistic. Any thoughts on how I can utilize the extra of which I have a feeling, will be plenty??!!
Thank you - Bob

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  1. You are going to have more than plenty if you don't get that stuff out of the ground pronto. It spreads like wildfire. 1 root planted in a tun sunk in the gtround would have given you more than enough. Been there and done that!

    1. Dig it up, pitch it over the fence, and move. Preferably to another state.

      One of these days I'm gonna plant some horseradish and some kudzu in the same patch, then sell tickets to the fight...

      1. I've not had the pleasure of growing horseradish, nor that of processing it. I have heard that the latter can be excruciatingly painful to nose and eyes. But that does not answer your question.

        I like pungent mustard, but none sold in our local stores meets my wants. I now mix my own mustard using mustard powder, horseradish, white vinegar and water. Mine tastes better than previously tried brands sold in stores.

        Good luck with your crop. One bit of advice...process the horseradish outdoors, not in the house or in an enclosed area.

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          I just found this website by searching on Google.

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          sally from LA

          Store it peeled in the freezer and grate it to order when you need it. It will last for ages - you may never have to grow it again! This works well with ginger too.

          1. had you had the extreme pleasure of grating that stuff yourself yet? I tear up just thinking about it. :)

            why not preserve it? make creamed/pickled horseradish and can/jar it?

            I had (i hope) a plant in my yard when I moved in to my current house. I have dug the darn thing up 3 times in effort to get rid of it. it will re-sprout from very small root fragments. I second and third the suggestion to dig the stuff up asap.

            besides.. you can buy the stuff at the farmer's market and specialty stores if you must grate your own.

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              You can make very nice relishes with horseradish and cranberries or other fruits. After you uproot, I would consider canning up a bunch for winter gifts.