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Jun 16, 2005 01:32 PM

wine with cider braised pork and carmelized onions?

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Hi, I'm looking for a general (ie type of wine and not a specific bottle) and affordable wine rec for the cider braised pork and carmelized onions that I'm making tonight. I guess I could get beer, but I'm in more of a wine mood. Not picky either, thanks.

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  1. I'd look for a Gwertz or Reisling, the slight sweetness should work well with the cider.

    1. Alsatian riesling would be nice.

      1. I second a nice gwerz... mmm.. or a nice dry apple cider? although I like beer with carmelized onions. you could always make black and tan's or snakebites (at least I think that is what they call guiness and cider) to make it interesting.

        1. If you can find a good riesling that would be a fine choice. However, I find good riesling hard to find (cheaply). Though I shop for wine a lot, every bottle of riesling looks like "Trockenblochenwhathefochenspatlasse"
          If you are as confused as I, either get a good (minutely detailed) rec, or...
          I think a good French Rosé would be an excellent choice. I think the fruit would go well with the pork and it typically would play between the sweeteness of the onions and the acidity of the cider without getting lost.
          So, Riesling, Gwertz, and Rose are the classic match with virtually anything wines. If you want to explore
          I also think a fruit-bomb Zin would be an interesting idea. If the pork is fatty (i.e. shoulder) the alcohol would cut through it, the fruit would complement the pork and I don't think the onions' sweetness would be a problem, but rather the smokiness of onions would really lift a straightforward fruit assault to something more austere. I wouldn't suggest using a lot of the cider in the sauce/gravy if any, but the cider flavor in the pork would be a nice counterpoint to the berry-esque Zin as apple is not a flavor in Zin (commonly).

          Please report back (about the food and wine) !!

          Good luck.