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grilled sausage

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we're planing to grill some sausage this weekend and i read it should be parcooked. anyone know? or can you just put on the grill?

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  1. I always boil them first so I know that they are cooked through. Then you can just flash them on th grill for for char.

    If you have a nice low to moderate heat and watch them pretty carefully, you can just start them raw on the grill.

    But I find they can get very dry of you are not paying attention.

    1. I never boil meat unless I want to make stock. It leaches too much flavor. Just grill your sausages low and slow and you will be fine. A trick I have learned is to put the sausages on skewers, it keeps them from curling up and it is easier to turn them and brown evenly all over. But, don't rush them.

      1. i use 2 techniques: 1) for fresh sausage that i know the fat content and origin of (usually homemade or from a friend), i'll grill it on a two level fire starting over the hot side to sear then moving to the low to finish up, this requires a fairly fatty sausage to avoiding drying out (i agree with the other poster that this requires a fair amount of attention - this is why i only do it with a pretty fatty sausage from a source i trust); 2) for leaner sausages/sausage of unkown fat content/from less trusted sources (ie grocery store, etc), i steam it, covered, in about a 1/4" water for 10 minutes then give it some color/crunch/flavor on the grill.

        1. From my sausage maker: Prick with a fork, bake at 375 for 20 minutes, then brown on the grille. Nice and moist and great flavor.

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            that is a great idea. thanks

          2. I never boil sausages first. This past weekend, I had some sweet, and some insanely hot sausages on the grill. I cooked on low for a good long time. I used tongs to turn them, so they didn't cause grease flareups. I bet I cooked them for about 40 minutes or so, and they were great. Nicely grilled, cooked thru. Served on grilled rolls with grilled peppers and onions. Great meal for a summers eve.

            1. I prick them with the tip of a sharp knife and throw them over a medium flame, then when they get the grill marks, I put the flame as low as it'll go and stick a probe thermometer in one of them.

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                I like that probe. How hot do you get them?

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                  70°C -- my wife is paranoid. That's about 158°F.

              2. Well, the responses so far are all good and cover the gamut...there is no perfect "right" way.

                Personally, I am opposed to pricking the sausage before grilling...let's the fat/taste out.

                Usually I will cool 5-10 minutes each side on a hot flame to get it going and get the grilled look and then finish on low heat turning often until done. However, I do like the idea of baking it a little ahead of time as well.