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Jun 15, 2005 11:16 PM

I'm looking for uses for sauerkraut

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I have some extra sauerkraut leftover. I want to use it in some sort of 'turnover' recipe. I seem to remember a recipe that involves bacon and sauerkraut and maybe some puff pastry?

Any other good uses?

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  1. tempeh reuben!

    This is a terrific sandwich:
    you slice tempeh 1/4 thick and brown it on both sides in a smear of peanut oil (or any oil)
    add the kraut on top and put a lid on the pan so it steams and warms the kraut.
    Smear a crusty roll with mustard, dark deli prefered, stack up the tempeh and kraut


    raw onion optional

    1. Pierogi stuffed with sauerkraut & mushrooms

      Polish cold salad of rinsed kraut, shredded apples & carrots, dressed with a mixture of white vinegar, sugar, caraway seeds

      Side dish-heat bacon or duck fat, add onion & kraut (plus caraway if you like), simmer with a bit of water & serve w/smoked sausages, pork chops or sauteed duck breast.

      1. Along the lines of a turnover, I once made an Eastern European stuffed roll from Saveur. I forget the exact name but it wasn't the well-known pierogi/piroshki. This was many, many years ago but it was delicious. It used sauteed cabbage, but I think sauerkraut would work well. In addition to the kraut, you add ground beef and mustard, maybe a little sugar to offset the sourness. Sauteed mushrooms would be nice if you want more veg. Mix everything together. Season the filling well w/ S&P. Add paprika and caraway seeds, if you like. Frozen puff pastry would make life easy, but I made a dough from the recipe. Oh boy, now I'm craving these...

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          PS. You may have assumed this, but to clarify, the ground beef should be pre-cooked.

        2. I've enjoyed stuffed cabbage, where the rolls are laid on a bed of sauerkraut and then covered with a sauce and baked.

          1. Either a traditional reuben or a grilled hot pastrami and swiss sandwich on rye with good grain mustard.