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Jun 15, 2005 05:05 PM

Help with Southern/North Carolina cooking article

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I've been asked to write an article on regional foods...I've come up w/ Shrimp & Grits, BBq, pickled watermelon rind, boiled peanuts, ramps, muscadine & scuppernongs....anyone have any other NC/SC favorite foods they'd be willing to mention?

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  1. She-crab soup and chicken bog.


    1. MEAT AND 3

      not really a dish but its everywhere

      1. Fried pickles and Cheerwine

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          Frogmore Stew or Low Country Boil comes to mind.

        2. Livermush - Yuuucccchhh!!!!, but many like it

          1. I was born and raised in Raleigh.

            Brunswick stew is very North Carolina. One recipe in my mother's collection begins with "1 squirrel, cleaned."

            Biscuits and cornbread are, of course, quintessentially Southern, as is super-sweet iced tea, but I don't know if there are specific NC versions.

            I grew up eating tomato sandwiches--just fresh summer tomatoes & salt on white bread with a little Duke's mayonnaise (the preferred brand in NC--Hellman's isn't even close). That kind of combo of what would seem to an urbanite like "gourmet" or "artisanal" ingredients (homegrown tomatoes) with white-trash pantry staples (white bread and store-bought mayonnaise) strikes me as very Southern.