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Jun 15, 2005 04:42 PM

iSi Cream Whipper

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Are the iSi Cream Whippers any good? How do they compare to old-fashioned whipped cream? When I first saw them years ago I dismissed it as another gadget I don't need. Maybe it's just my Reddi-Whip childhood sneaking up on me but I'm more and more tempted to get one these days.

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  1. I have one. I've had it for over 15 years and do use it. Since there are only the two of us I like how long the cream keeps and also that I can control the sweetness.

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      Ditto - I add a little vanilla extract and splenda to the heavy or whipping cream before putting it into the canister and shooting the nitrogen cartridge. It does keep in the fridge a long time - and it is certainly cheaper (in the long run) than continuously buying the commercial cannisters.


      The last time I posted about the convenience of this device, others chimed in that it was a compromise - that there was an aftertaste from the cartridge, and that nothing beat beating.

      I guess this is probably true. In so many other things, I insist on not using the shortcut, so I can certainly see where other folks feel that way about whipped cream. I don't eat a lot of pastries and about the only use I have for this nowadays is on berries, either as a compote or on a piece of castella (much better than sponge or angel food, but much worse for me). Anyway - I'm not saying I wouldn't notice the difference - just that I'm perfectly happy with this shortcut. I'm sure others will disagree.

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        The only drawback I have found is in cleaning the thing. It needs to have the top taken totally apart otherwise there is some nasty mold and bacteria buid up. But for making a half pint of cream go for several days and not get all weepy on you it si great. I've never noticed any nitrous flavor.

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          Thanks for the info. Can you point me in the direction of the earlier thread? I searched before I posted and couldn't find anything.

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            It was a few years ago... long since archived, I'm sure.

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        Professor Salt

        I'm one of its fans too. The texture is different than hand whipped (stiffer & less weepy, if you don't overfill the bottle with cream). It's also not possible to modulate the stiffness of the finished product, as you can by hand. So it's got drawbacks as well as convenience.

        The flavor is certainly better than that Reddi Whip stuff. The iSi is handy when I want to top off a cofee drink, or fruit, without the 5 minute wrist workout of whisking by hand. Yeah, so I'm lazy, I admit it.

        Couple pointers:
        1) Don't overfill it. You need ample headroom in the bottle for the nitrous to do its thing. Otherwise, you'll end up with thin, runny cream.

        2) Seek out manufacturing cream. This is restaurant grade stuff, has higher fat content than heavy cream & carageenan to stabilize your finished product. Carageenan doesn't add any off flavors, to my taste, just yields a better end product.

        2) Regular granulated sugar can clog the nozzle. I whisk superfine "baker's sugar" into the cream to dissolve it prior to use, and it's never clogged on me. I suppose you can use nonsugar sweeteners, too, it's not something I do personally.

        1. As an alternative, have you considered a Quick Whip? It works as advertised, all the pieces go in the dishwasher and no nitro required. I have one and find it very convenient.



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            But will it "hold" for a week or more in the fridge? That's the only good reason to use the iso device, IMHO. Liquid cream in the canister will keep just fine for that long, but I can't imagine whipped holding up for more than a day without weeping and otherwise losing texture.

          2. A friend gave me one of these things. If you'll pay for shipping, I'll mail it to you. I can't imagine why anyone would need it - it takes about as much time for me to whip cream as it does to, say, chop an onion. Why mess with a special gadget to do what my multipurpose whisk does in minutes? As for storing the cream whipped, I just don't need that. I can just store the cream unwhipped, and whip it when I need it. Not that I use whipped cream that often (not as often as I would like, certainly.) Also, leftover whipped cream, if there is any, can be rewhipped with the addition of a touch of fresh. Just don't whip it too hard.

            1. I love mine! I add vanilla extract or almond extract to the cream with powdered sugar. Yum!