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Jun 15, 2005 01:16 PM

Spicy chocolate dessert?

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I'm looking for some ideas for making a spicy chocolate dessert. Something along the flavor lines of Jacques Torres's spicy hot chocolate, or perhaps even spicier. Anyone have a chili and chocolate cake recipe?

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  1. Make a chocolate souffle, but add chile peppers (we use serranos) and cinnamon to the chocolate as you melt it. (Remove the chile peppers before you create the souffle or it won't rise evenly.)

    Our morning drink in the winter is Mexican hot chocolate (you can find the chocolate in the ethnic foods, most common brand is Nestle Abuelita), made with half milk and half water, and of course cinnamon and chiles.

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      Caitlin Wheeler

      Here's a recipe for a spicy chocolate pudding cake.


      1. There's a really good recipe for a chocolate chile cake with a bourbon flavored chocolate frosting on The Splendid Table's website. Here's the link:


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        1. re: Nancy Berry

          Wow. This one sounds perfect, especially since I happen to have two bags of NM chiles lying around. Have you made this cake?

          1. re: lacy

            I haven't made this cake, but I've made lots of other recipes from The Splendid Table site and from Jane Butel's books and they are reliable.

            1. re: Nancy Berry

              Hmmm, this recipe looks really good. However, I don't really like liquor in my desserts. Any thoughts/advice on other flavors for the frosting? I like the idea of flavoring it with something other than a straight-up chocolate, but not sure where to go to match the chile flavor. Chocolate with a sizable dose of coffee?

              Any advice appreciated (from Nancy or others!),


              1. re: Smokey

                I think that bourbon and the vanilla extract (which also contains alcohol) are in there to balance and round out the chocolate flavor. Without vanilla, I think that chocolate (especially cocoa) often tastes harsh in frostings. You can leave out the bourbon, but I'd keep the vanilla in.

                1. re: Nancy Berry

                  This is exactly what I'm planning to do--vanilla, but no bourbon. I'll report back after the weekend on how it turned out.

                  1. re: Lacy

                    Oh, definitely report back!

                  2. re: Nancy Berry

                    Sorry, should have been more clear. When I said liquor, I meant the bourbon.

                    I wouldn't leave out vanilla (and recognize that it almost always contains EtOH, although I think there are those that are alcohol free?), because I like the flavor that vanilla imparts. Personally, bourbon/rum/liquer, etc. just don't add desirable flavors to me. Totally a matter of personal taste, but there it is. So I was thinking of ways to make the frosting other than straight up chocolate (which to me always includes vanilla), without using bourbon.

                    Sorry, should have been more clear,


                    1. re: smokey

                      What about cinnamon?

                      1. re: Jess

                        Oh, doesn't that sound good?! With the pepper in the cake? Hmmmm. Do you think plain old powdered cinnamon would work in a frosting? I don't know why I think it wouldn't, I guess I'm so accustomed to flavorings coming in liquid form...