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Jun 14, 2005 11:29 AM

Dandelion greens

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Bought them for the first time and sauteed them with just olive oil, garlic and salt. Could not get over the bitterness. Any suggestions to cut through the bitterness?

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  1. I sometimes nibble on baby dandelion greens when weeding my garden - even tiny baby leaves are really really bitter!

    I bet if you blanched them in a lot of water some of the bitter juice would be dissolved. But if you don't like the taste, why bother?

    Radicchio is also very very bitter, but a little bit is very nice in a salad, mixed with other non-bitter greens.

    1. Mark Bittman has an excellent recipe for dandelion greens in a warm bacon-mustard-shallot (? haven't made it in a while) vinaigrette. The greens are definitely bitter, but this adds some nice complementary flavor. I'm sure other recipes like it exist--I'd paraphrase, but I don't have it on hand right now.

      1. Boil in abundant salted water, drain, proceed. I have seen recommendations for boiling in multiple waters but one boil has always worked just fine for me. 3 to 5 minutes, depending.

        1. While bitterness is definitely part of their charm, it helps to balance things out by adding other strong flavors. There's a recipe in a recent issue of Saveur (part of an article about dandelion greens) for eggs and greens in a paste/sauce of anchovies, garlic and olive oil, which is delicious. Cracked chile flakes are also really good with various dandelion greens preparations.

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            This Saveur recipe is great. The fried egg on top is a must. I blanched my greens for 2 minutes before putting them in the saute pan with the other flavorings the second time I made the recipe, and it did cut down on the bitterness.

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              I have a childish squeamishness about egg yolks, so we've had this dish twice with scrambled eggs instead of fried. For people who like the richness of runny yolks, I'm sure the original version is great.

              Have you tried the dandelion soup recipe from the same article?

          2. Add a little lemon juice. It mellows the flavor of bitter greens.

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              Yes, a dandelion green salad with just olive oil and lemon and sea salt is wonderful. I find that the bitterness goes away -or should I say transforms- after a few bites and becomes in intoxicating freshness that I crave just from reading this thread.

              I'm not a bitter freak, but I am thrilled by the flavor evolution that happens with dandelion greens.