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Jun 13, 2005 11:10 AM

longa or lychee sorbet needed

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Just picked up some cans of lychee and longans to tide me over until fresh ones are available later in the summer. I've had lychee sorbet before and want some feedback on any recipes tried, successfully or unsuccessfully.

any good recipes out there?

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  1. Just curious: where do you live? Here in SF many markets seem to have just gotten a great shipment of lychee. Someone else posted last week, and I just bought some Saturday the New May Wah in the Richmond. Yum! These greenish ones are better than the more widely known red ones; you can tell by the smell. Just a heads up not to wait too long if you're in the Bay Area.

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      argh, i know it's become cliche to say this...but i do wish i lived in the bay area. unfortunately, i'm 4,000 feet above sea level in Utah and lychees and longans are just barely trickling into the asian markets here. slim pickings to say the least. but every purveyor said that we should get them in full swing by july. until then, canned fun. :)

    2. We're starting to get lychees. The greenish/yellow/red ones are out (Mani-something they're called). I'm still waiting for the bright red ones (forget their names) and longans. The farmers keep saying it's not going to be a great year for lychees, but we'll see.
      I put a link to an article in the Miami Herald with recipes for various ice creams and sorbets (the fig one is amazing). You'll have to create an account to get access. Funny that the recipe here is for canned lychees so it should work for you.

      Link: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/...

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        Last week I bought lychees at Berkeley Bowl, about $4 per pound. They are mostly greenish, with a little pink. They are imorted from China.

        They have the smallest seed I've ever known in a lychee, and are very sweet and delicious.

        Apparently they are available (and somewhat cheaper) in the local Chinatowns.

        1. re: Joel Teller

          The ones I got in San Francisco were $3 a pound, and reportedly from Taiwan. They're, IMO, sweeter and more flavorful than their bright red counterparts. With the red ones, I find that one in every handful tends to be brown or sour. In my whole bag of these little green ones, I found maybe three that weren't great. Even then, none were downright sour.

          It seems like a lot of people in the Bay Area have been buying these up. Hopefully the supply will continue for awhile! They're great!