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Jun 12, 2005 10:52 AM

Looking for a Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream recipe

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Hi everyone -

I am inspired to make chocolate chile ice cream today but have a question - what kind of chile should I use and in what form?

I love chipotles in adobo sauce. (the canned ones) Can I add these to a chocolate ice cream recipe and get good results - or do I need to use powdered chiles... and if so, which kind? Cayenne??

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. And if you have a recipe that would be most helpful! Looked on epicurious and couldn't find anything.

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  1. When I make chipotle brownies, I use a Tbs of chipotle powder (just ask at the Mexican market) and a pinch of cayenne. You could probably successfully do the same.

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    1. re: nooodles

      DO you have a recipe for those chipotle brownies that you can share?

      They sound good!

    2. I've never made such an ice cream before, but it sounds delicious. My gut says nay to chipotle in adobo or cayenne...way too overpowering. Chile powder might be a better choice, but this will affect the texture (you decide for good or bad). If I used powder, I would choose ancho or guajillo powder. Their fruity quality should meld into chocolate ice cream well.

      I would probably steep toasted dried guajillos in the heated custard base to integrate chile flavor w/o affecting texture. I don't know how much exactly, but you could experiment and remove the peppers when you achieve desired concentration of flavor.

      I would also go w/ a good Mexican or Venezuelan chocolate (like El Rey) rather than European. I've tried making plain chocolate ice cream before, but wasn't happy w/ the results, as texture was chalky. Anyone have good tips for basic chocolate ice cream? I've avoided making this flavor due to bad memories.

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      1. re: Carb Lover

        I love the chocolate ice cream recipes in Chez Panisse Desserts (Lindsey Shere and Alice Waters) and in Chocolate by Nick Malgieri (the chocolate ginger is great too).

      2. Try Epicurious. There's a recipe for Chocolate Chili Ice Cream that uses pequins.

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        1. re: Timowitz

          Thanks Tim - will do!

        2. Experiment...Loblaws seems to be stocking the San Marcos brand of canned chiles and their Chipotle Sauce(not the canned whole version)might work--it's also "killer" straight from the can as a dip with shrimp. You could also lean toward a mole-like taste with anchos(soaked and ground into a paste)and lightly sweetened Mexican chocolate(Highland Farms often has it in the Foreign/International aisle).I think the taste you're probably after is less sweet than savory and that's where the classic Mexican chocolate/chile combo sings as it does with mole poblano.Sounds interesting.

          1. Is this inspired at all by the Kensington Organic Ice Cream guy? His version is chocolate, coffee and cayenne, check it out.. he seems to like discussing his methods so maybe he'd give you some tips.

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            1. re: julesrules

              Perhaps a little bit. ;-)

              He has given me a taste for innovative combinations that I just can't get at the store and I happen to have an ice cream maker...

              I like the idea of steeping the dried chilies in the milk. I was concerned about black specks throughout the ice cream. I'll also add a cinnamon stick.

              I will go to market today and try out the recipe - then post the results.

              Thanks for your input! I wish I could serve you all a scoop.