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chipotle chili puree and recipe ideas

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I would like to try Bobby Flay's chinese chicken salad with red chili-peanut dressing. It calls for 1T of chipotle chili puree in adobo sauce.

I've never used this ingredient before. Looking for ideas how to use the rest of the can. I was thinking of maybe a chicken marinade. But any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Chipotles in adobo are fabulous! Two of our favorites from Epicurious are Fettucine with Chicken, Red Onion and Peppers and Honey-Ginger Salmon. You can add them to any chili recipe also. Enjoy! By the way, you can puree them and freeze in ice cube trays for easy usage though they last a good long time in the fridge too; a little goes a long way with these.

    1. I make chipotle mayo which is a staple at my house. GREAT on chicken sandwiches.
      1 cup Hellmans or TJ mayo
      3 chipotle peppers diced
      2 tsp of the adobo sauce
      2 heaping Tbs sugar
      1/2 tsp nutmeg

      Blend together and spread thickly on sandwiches/ Mmmm just had some.

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        hey, that's what I was going to say!
        My friend Dennis has started eating it out of the jar
        (it stores well, if you can keep him out of the fridge)

        I don't use sugar or nutmeg though -- just mayo and chipotle/adobo sauce out of the can

        I also make chipotle chicken soup, with orzo, spinach, fresh cilantro, and just one pepper and a T of adobo if you need to keep it mild . . .
        Chicken marinade is excellent -- a bottle of beer, onions, garlic, soy sauce and chipotles. mmm.

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          Try it w the sugar and nutmeg. You'll like it. Put some in a homemade cuban sandwich for dinner last night.
          Sliced pork loin, sliced ham, slice of provolone, sliced sour pickle, chipotle mayo, mustard, grilled on a good french bread in a cast iron pan w a heavy weight. Awesome.

      2. There is nothing that a chipotle can't improve. It even makes my use of a double negative in a sentence better.

        1. I keep the extra puree in the fridge for easy access. It keeps for months.

          1. CHILI IS NOT JUST FOR COOL WEATHER ANYMORE. Use the chipotle puree as a base for some good Texas-style chili which is made with small cubes of either bottom round roast or chuck roast.

            I buy dried chipotles and store them in a glass jar in a cool, dark place using them as needed for chili. Rehydrating them is easy.

            1. lends a nice smokey flavor to salsa (fresh or jarred). i add it to thai dishes when i'm out of chili-garlic paste (and add additional garlic). a little in a basic vinaigrette is nice (i like it on a slaw of oranges, cukes, carrots & jicama, especially when paired up with a mexican-themed meal). add to bbq sauce. yummy stuff.

              1. This stuff has become the heart and soul of any barbecue sauce I put together, except for jerk sauces. Either of those flavors will compliment any meat that I can imagine grilling, with the possible exception of salmon...and I'll really have to think about that.

                1. It's funny, I'm sure chipotles have been around for a while, but it could win the 2004 Ingredient of the Year award. It is becoming very popular. I love the stuff. If I see something w/ chipotle on a menu, I'll usually order it :)

                  Anyways, I added chipotle to some Southern Greens I made a few weeks ago. The smoky flavor goes great with Greens.

                  1. Some things I made when I had a big batch of Bayless' chipotle sauce - Mixed into soft cheese (I used goat and cream cheese) for a spread; mixed with white wine and broth with garlic and cilantro for steamed mussels, add butter to thin and glazed chicken; mixed with ground meat to make spicy hamburgers; sauteed shrimp in the chipotle sauce mixed with a little tomato puree and garlic; and of course, big spoonfuls in my chili.

                    1. All great ideas so far. My favorite use is to add it to hummus. Absolutely out of this world.

                      Last week I posted a recipe for salmon with pineapple chipotle salsa. I've made it several times since. Great stuff and very summery.

                      This topic comes up fairly regularly. If you want even more ideas, browse/search this board for earlier discussions.