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Jun 12, 2005 10:02 AM

freezing lamb- raw or grilled, or don't freeze??

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I just bought and marinated some lamb. I would like to save some for family that will be in town next week. I'd prefer to serve it hot off the grill, but am not sure if that will work?
should I:
cook and freeze
freeze raw
eat all week

Also, what's the best method to freeze?

I don't have any special freezing tools. just foil, clear wrap and zipped bags.


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  1. Freeze it raw in a zippered bag with the air squeezed out. It's almost impossible to defrost and reheat cooked meat without overcooking it and the texture is never the same. I only freeze cooked meat in forms like stews or sauces where it's already broken down.

    Raw lamb freezes very well, especially if it's already marinated and will only be frozen a week, so there's no risk of freezer burn.

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      I was leaning towards freezing it raw, but didn't want a huge frozen mass I couldn't handle. I'll thaw it out 24 hours before in the fridge.