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Jun 12, 2005 06:14 AM

blocked milk frother

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not sure which board this goes on with the reshuffle, but...

Have a cheap espresso machine given to me as a gift. The milk frother has become blocked. Am soaking it as we speak but it doesn't seem to want to give, as I have tried this before. I'm assuming it's a blockage because when it builds up pressure the steam comes out the other orifices (so to speak), top half of frother is hot and bottom cool.

Any ideas of what to do or is it just time to bin it? Hate to waste an entire machine because of one part.

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  1. With the machine off and UNPLUGGED, take an unbent paper clip and wiggle it up through the opening (from the tip---the part that goes in the pitcher or cup). GENTLY push the paper clip up as far as it will go. Remove, then plug your machine back in, turn it on and try running the frother into a pitcher or cup of water. This should clean it out. Hope this helps!

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      Exactly my method - also, using very hot water to run the frother in helps remove the milk gunk that tends to adhere itself to the frother.