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Jun 10, 2005 07:51 PM

Work potluck suggestions?

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We're having a potluck at work and I was looking for ideas as to what to make. I have my usual favorites, but wanted to see what some of your favorites were. Cost is not so much an issue, but relatively simple prep is, and also, since I have a long commute to work, I would prefer not to have to cart a crock pot or something like that (still have bad memories of the crock pot of chili that tipped over in my car one time!). Some type of main dish or salad would be nice. Otherwise, I would make muffins or some type of dessert. Thanks!

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  1. I always make my Italian Pasta Salad which goes over well. Rotini pasta (tri-colored if you can), salami & cheese - both cut into small pieces, green and black olives (with pimientos) - sliced, marinated artichoke hearts - chopped, whatever veggies you want (green beans, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, etc.). Toss with a good Italian dressing (don't forget to add some of the juices from the green olives and the artichokes), salt, pepper, parmesan cheese - mix - done!! ;-)

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      Swede's pasta salad sounds wonderful...and it got me could use similar ingredients, but with a green salad.

      So many potlucks are laden with starchy foods, don't you think?
      A green salad with lotsa 'stuff' is always welcome.

    2. I have a sandwich that I make to take when flying that goes over well at pot lucks too.

      Get a couple of baguettes. Slice them lengthwise leaving a hinge. Pull out the bread center and put in your food processor with fresh garlic, parsley and some parm. cheese. Drizzle in some olive oil.

      In the bread shells first spread with herbed goats cheese. Then start to layer with cold cuts of your choice. I choose very flavorful salamis etc. then smoked provolone, roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, chopped olives, drizzle the juice from the artichoke hearts over all. Then add the crumb mixture from the processor. Wrap tightly and let sit over night in the fridge. Bring to room temp, slice diagonally in 3" sections. If you have an oven and can wrap in foil and bake until hot and then slice and serve it is great that way.

      1. There was a post about this a while back. FYI

        1. I've attended many a potluck in my time and I have never seen one where deviled eggs did not fly off the table. I even took deviled eggs to the last Los Angeles Chow Fiesta.

          When I take deviled eggs, I don't want to have to treat them like, well, eggs, trying to transport them without messing them up. So, I make the filling and put it in a ziplock bag. Then when I get to the event, I snip off one of the bottom corners of the bag and "pipe" the filling into the whites. This just takes a moment. I garnish simply (freeze dried chives, the ubiquitous paprika, finely crumbled bacon, a slice of olive, a strip of jarred roasted red pepper, a strip of ortega chile, etc.) or fancy (a tiny shrimp, a tiny smoked oyster, a dab of caviar, etc.)

          Then never fail to please.

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            People always scoff at deviled eggs but it's true they eaten up in no time! Curried ones are nice and easy. I've also made them with smoked salmon.

            My usual potluck dishes are:
            - black bean, tomato, corn, jalapeno salad
            - roasted beats with walnuts, red onions and gorgonzola cheese in a vinagrette.