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Jun 10, 2005 06:10 PM

Wild Sockeye Salmon!

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I picked up a pound of it and I want to make something good with it. I'd like to do something interesting with it but nothing that drowns out the goodness of the salmon. Any ideas? Please help!

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  1. I recently had (two separate occasions) Copper River King and Copper River sockeye. The king I grilled over charcoal on a cedar plank, the sockeye I broiled in my convection oven. Both I rubbed with a little olive oil. I served them on a bed of herb salad, which I dressed with a blood orange vinaigrette, along with fresh blueberries, blackberries, and nectarines.

    1. Pan seared and baked salmon with a mango salsa

      Mango salsa recipes ar all over the web, so Google and look for one with:
      green onions
      diced tomatoes
      cayenne pepper
      lime juice

      Or, at a restaurant the other day, it was used in place of the Canadian bacon on an eggs benedict. Something to consider if leftovers.

      I don't know your personal tastes or cooking skills. There are many many cooking websites when you Google. Just look for a simple prep with the flavors in a sauce or salsa or chutney, etc. That way, you can put as much or as little extra flavor on the fish as you like >> as opposed to a marinade that infuses the entire flesh.

      If pan sear and bake, I suggest you use peanut oil. Consider flavors of oils when you cook.

      1. I usually just broil it--briefly--and put a yoghurt-dill sauce on it.

        1 cup non-fat plain yoghurt
        2-3 tbs chopped fresh dill
        juice from ~1/3-1/4 of a lemon
        salt and pepper to taste--but definitely put some salt in to release/mingle flavors

        Mix this up and pour over. It's very easy, and just light and acidic enough that it cuts the oiliness of the salmon without overwhelming the flavor.

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          I'm drooling. Grill it and serve with either:

          Lemon juice, lemon zest and chiffonade of lemon basil (or regular basil, or purple basil is beautiful with the yellow zest and pink salmon)


          Salsa of halved cherry tomatoes, minced red onion, olive oil, salt and pepper.