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Jun 9, 2005 11:16 AM

More on ice cream makers-- Kitchenaid attachment?

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I currently own the Cuisinart ice cream maker. It does a reasonable job, but a recent testing in Gourmet (I think?) of ice cream makers has me wondering about the Kitchenaid attachment. The Cuisinart came in second or third place. The assessment of it was "slightly icy, but definitely acceptable", which is about the same thing I'd say about it. However, they raved about the Kitchenaid attachment, saying it produced a mousse-like super-creamy ice cream. Anyone have this attachment? Happy with it?

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  1. I don't own the KA, but from what I can tell by owning a Cuisinart and having done a lot of ogling of the KA, it would be better because it has a stronger motor.

    The bowl is essentially the same thing, but if the motor on the KA is stronger it could potentially spin the ice cream faster and churn the product more while freezing it. This would mean less ice. Am I wrong?

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      Yeah, I'm sure that's the essential difference: faster spin (thus faster freezing) + more air whipped in=better ice cream. I'm curious just how much better, though.

      There's no lid/shield on the KA attachment, though-- so I wonder if you can really go very fast without making a mess.

    2. I don't own the attachment but I love the KA attachments I do own. Really well designed.

      1. I just received the Kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment last week as a gift. I made my first batch last weekend and thought it was great. The "equipment" parts seemed to work just as they should, with everything hooking right into my mixer.
        The whole process is done on speed 1 - stir - so it is a slow and consistent churn. I made a small batch and it froze to the perfect consistency in about 10 minutes (the book says 15-20 for a larger batch).
        Not wanting another whole machine in the kitchen, this seems a good solution.

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        1. re: aussiedog

          thanks for the report! I've been waiting to hear a first hand report on the KA ice cream thing. YOu just cost me about 5 pounds, I'll wager.

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            I'm about to put in my second batch - a chocolate
            malt ice cream. I'll report soon! Oh, and I started running again last week in anticipation of a summer full of ice cream treats!

        2. If pumping air into your ice cream is your concern, it's the churn you want to look at. The old-fashioned ice cream makers usually have large perforated paddles that aerate the ice cream creating a lot of overrun. My ice cream maker's paddle is basically a square plastic frame that just keeps the custard moving, making a smooth, creamy ice cream. The Kitchenade flat beater is similarly open. At the lowest speed I can see it making a creamy ice cream.