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Jun 9, 2005 08:33 AM

ice cream maker

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because of an post yesterday, I started to research ice cream makers. I found this Cuisinart at Crate & Barrel and like it because it comes with an additional bowl. It seems like a good idea, but for those of you who have one, do I really need an extra bowl or should I just spend less on one with only one bowl?? Thanks for any advice.


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  1. really depends on how you use it... i have an old ice cream maker with a larger capacity, so i can make ice cream for a large party. but, when the mood hits to make two flavors, things can get tricky. i've often wished for a second container when hosting cookouts and such, but would never have use for it when making ice cream for just the immediate family.

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      yeah, the additional bowl is nice if you want to make 2 flavors or if you want to make a whole lot for a party.

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        If you're patient you can usually get the Cuisinart on line (I got mine on Amazon) for about $25, versus some fancy places that do promos where you get the extra bowl for $50. Just FYI, so you don't feel forced to get one with an extra bowl.