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ice cream machines

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thinking about getting my husband one for Fathers Day. Does anyone have any recommendations?? Thanks!!

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  1. There was a discussion about home ice cream makers on May 20-21. See link, or search the "current & recent" field.

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    1. I have a Krupps. Its a small one, makes a little over a quart at a time. You have to put the bowl into the freezer for a couple (or 1) days to freeze it, as well as freeze it overnight before you use it.

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        I have a Krups, too. It works fine, no problems.

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          We have the same one. I agree that you have to put it in the freezer for awhile after the machine is finished. However, we've recently started doing a "Coldstone Creamery" and mixing in cookies, candy bars etc. before putting the ice cream back in the freezer.

        2. I'd advise against one, especially if the potential recipient loves ice cream. My wife and I got one for our wedding and have used it a few times but always with less than stellar results. Of course, this could as well be a function of our skills w/ using the machine as much as being a problem with such home-made anything ventures. We both really love ice-cream, are snobs about it truth be told, but even keeping our frozen-treat-elitism in check find that it just ain't that good.

          Best of luck though.


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            I don't think it is possible to make homemade ice cream that is as creamy as storebought like Ben and Jerry's. I think commercial freezers freeze the ice cream much more quickly than kitchen freezers and minimize the formation of water droplets which make the ice cream icy.

          2. If I remember correctly, you can go onto americastestkitchen.com (affiliated with Cook's Illustrated) and check out their equipment ratings. I think the ice cream makers article is still accessible to the general public.

            1. We have a Krups - the usual $49 model - with the bowl you freeze but a plug-in motor. It makes great ice cream, most recently lemon ice, strawberry sorbet and strawberry ice cream. When the ice cream/sorbet gets as hard as it is going to get in the Krups it still needs about 45 to 60 minutes more in the freezer to firm up. We got it as a gift along with Williams Sonoma's book Ice Creams & Sorbets - a good reference which we have taken ideas from for endless variations.

              1. I have one of those cheap Donvier hand crank ones ($29ish). You put the cannister in the freezer as usual but you crank it yourself - takes about 10 minutes of periodic turning. The ice cream, again, is not quite done and needs to be put in the freezer if you want the consistancy of ice cream, but I actually like the sort of semifreddo texture w/out putting it in the freezer. Also makes great lemon frozen yoghurt.

                Plain yoghurt
                2 percent milk
                lots of lemon peel
                lemon juice to taste.

                Crank and eat. It's very piquant, but I love it. And it's really frozen yoghurt, not the ice cream that passes for it in the supermarket frozen food sections.

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                  Miss Tenacity

                  I also have the Donvier and find that it works really well. I'm curious if anyone with a hand crank ice cream maker has any specific technique tips on the cranking speed? I haven't done enough experimenting yet to draw conclusions, so if someone else has the proven formula, I would appreciate hearing it.

                  Such as.... crank slow at first, fast later.... crank fast the whole time.... crank at whatever speed but pause intermittently.... etc, etc.

                  Thanks! :-)


                  Link: http://tenacity.net/2005/05/heat-and-...

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                    Crank regular at first--this keeps large ice crystals from forming. Sorry, no breaks. As it gets harder to crank at the end, you should crank even faster, to incorporate air. You should let it "ripen" in the freezer for an hour, but my family was never able to wait that long.

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                      I agree with the cranking info in the previous message, although I sometimes forget and the beater gets frozen into place and I am sure I'm going to snap it in half with my Herculean attempts to dislodge it.

                      I have convinced myself that it tastes just as good immediately after cranking, w/out the time in the freezer....Pavlov R Us.

                2. I bought a Lello II Gelato 2 quart, super automatic, for $399.00 and have made ice cream every weekend since. It's awesome. Heavy though, but a highly rated smooth creamy wonderful dessert maker. You plug it in. If you love the real thing, this does it in 30 minutes. Still have to make the base, which takes additional time to cook and chill, but with a little foresight you can have fresh ice cream all the time. It's fool proof, and I see now there is a cheaper, probably less quantity maker Lello available. I usually make half batches of one flavor and then a separate batch off of one base, which is 2 quarts. Scharffenberger chocolate, real Tahitian vanilla, berry, coffee. I'm gearing up for Hazelnut, which haven't quite figured out how yet, and other variations, as the summer has just begun. Needless to say, I love ice cream.

                  Link: http://www.chefscatalog.com/store/cat...

                  1. We have a Krups. Works fine. The recipe is the key. We use raw cream and it is stunning.

                    1. You'll dramatically increase the likelihood that the ice cream maker will be used regularly if you spring for one of those models with the built-in freezer. Hardly any advance planning required, and your freezer space isn't taken up by the canister. SO much more convenient, and the prices for those sorts of models have dropped lately.

                      Link: http://meglioranza.com