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Jun 7, 2005 03:50 PM

Need a recommendation for a good grill (gas) - budget of $400-600

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Any recs are appreciated.

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  1. I just got the Weber Genesis Silver C and absolutely love it! Really have only had it for a week, so can't say much for the longevity, but have cooked on it almost every night and looove the results! I was going to get the A (two burners instead of three), but ended up (long story) with the C and am very happy, as it makes it easier to do proper indirect cooking. Cost: $550.00

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      I have a Weber genesis silver c since summer of 2001. Used it yesterday. Total reliability. Only problem in 4 years was the removable thermometer which was replaced by a phone call. I have grilled everything from 3 hot dogs to 42 oz. rib steaks for 15 people. Rare comes out rare medium comes out medium and the one well was happy too! Can do slow racks of ribs and 5 lb. top round. Grilled peppers and onions and eggplant all come out great. Dessert grilled pineapple soaked in rum, figs stuffed stilton, grilled bannana FOSTER. ENJOY

    2. Vermont Castings. Home Depot has been carrying them, We got the 4-burner, which is just awesome and leaves my old Weber (I think it was a Silver B-Series) in the dust. The 4-burner was $620 or so, but the 3-burner is in the $500 range. Built solid as a rock in Canada.