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Jun 6, 2005 02:19 PM

soft shell crab update -- great recipe!

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I picked up two softshell crabs this weekend and had the fishmarket clean them. I have never made them before, but they looked really good in a recent recipe I saw in Gourmet or Bon Appetit -- however I can't find it on Epicurious now. Anyway, it was pretty easy -- soak the cleaned crabs in buttermilk for one hour, dredge in cornmeal mixed with a little flour, salt and cayenne. Rather than deepfrying in peanut oil, I fried them in about an inch of canola oil in a small skillet. Then drizzle with browned butter with lemon juice mixed in.
They were absolutely amazing, and very gratifying to have such success the first time. I highly recommend trying these little guys while they're in season.


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  1. I have always made soft shells by dredging in seasoned flour and sauteing in a bit of oil, but your approach sounds intriguing, especially the cornmeal part. Do you think it would work with less oil?

    I will try a cornmeal crust with my existing method next time I cook them--probably within the next week or so--and report back.

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      You could try, but I think it's kind of important to have a little bit of depth in your oil. Probably a half inch would do. They were so tender and crispy, I wouldn't to risk them not coming out as well. I think the buttermilk was key, too.

    2. I slather mayo on the little buggers, roll them in panko crumbs, saute them on high heat and serve with lime flavored mayo and a slice of ripe tomato on top. Your friends will love you forever!!!!!!!