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Jun 6, 2005 01:31 PM


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Many years ago, I tasted escolar in Las Vegas. I thought it was the best fish I ever had. Not long after that, I remember that the FDA had banned commercial sales of escolar due to reported illnesses. This month's Food and Wine mentions a chef that frequently has escolar on his menus. What I want to know is 1. Is escolar commercially available again? If it is, does anyone know where it can be purchased around Philadelphia?

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  1. Escolar is commercially available in California, but it is an infrequent catch.

    Escolar causes "leakage" in some people.

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      It's available off and on in NYC, too. (It was banned only briefly back in the mid-90s.) I don't know where you can find it in Philly, but if you do (a) be careful about portion size and (b) make sure you get it from a good market. Apparently suboptimal storage accentuates its, uh, "purgative" effects.

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        If you REALLY want some escolar, you could call Lacroix restaurant and ask where they buy it. It has been on their menu for a few weeks.


    2. We were served escolar about a month ago at OLA in Miami.

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        I just bought and cooked some escolar, but I don't think I'll do that again. Not because of dire gastro-intestinal effects, but because the very high oil content was nauseatingly rich.

      2. Super Q Mart international markets (not sure if you have these in Phili) have sashimi quality escolar frozen for $10/pound. I am with you... best fish ever... either as sushi or lightly seared. I buy it all the time.

        1. Escolar is a very oily fish and yes, it is a wonderful tasting fish, rich, buttery, comes real close to Chilean Sea Bass and should only be eaten in moderation. And because of the high content it is possible that in some people it will cause a loose tummy.

          During the fall and winter is caught regularly in Bermuda and I eat it about twice a week, but my portions are only 4 oz.!

          Good luck finding!

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            I've seen escolar at The Lobster Place (in Chelsea Market) in Manhattan.

          2. The original comment has been removed