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Jun 3, 2005 05:58 PM

camping recipe ideas

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Going camping, will have a camp fire to cook on as well as a coleman stove. Looking for some fun and interesting ideas. No fish please.

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  1. There was just a cooking show competition on camping cooking on the food network station. It was really incredible some of the things they created with a campfire. They had a whole competition just on grilling and creating interesting ideas for s'mores. I am sure if you go on the food network and look the cowboy cookoff you can get some ideas and recipes.

    1. my Chinese long beans in ginger and shallots and hot pepper flakes has been popular. original recipe uses garlic, but I rarely use that. I think the guys enjoyed having a vegetable dish. Ravioli works well.

      1. “Campfire Choucroute”

        Using one large cast-iron pan:

        Brown a can of whole, peeled potatoes in the fat of your choice. Set aside.

        Brown several sausages of your choice. Kielbasa and Weisswurst is a nice combo.

        Throw a bag of sauerkraut into the pan with the sausages. Add a bit of whatever booze you might have on hand: beer or white wine preferable; gin is okay, too. Season with S&P and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

        Serve with potatoes alongside and some mustard, if you have it.

        1. Last time I went camping we discovered that bacon attracts mosquitos. CRAZY amounts of mosquitos, just so you know.

          For a yummy dessert I took bananas, sliced down the middle but not all the way through, put chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and marshmallows inside, covered in foil and placed on the fire - was a fun idea and could do them at home and have them ready to go.

          We marinated and took along steak, too - which was great, and baked potatoes - which were easy.

          Have fun!

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            You folks must have been panting heavy and drooling from the great smell of frying bacon and so breathing out tons of CO2 which attracts them. Or maybe the bacon had gone lactic during curing because lactic acid also attracts skitters.

            What attracts mosquitos?

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              Yeah, we go camping every summer and always make bacon at least once. Never had the mosquito invasion.

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                This is my favorite paragraph of the day:

                Entomologist Daniel L. Kline tested the attractiveness of socks worn by humans. The results: Mosquitoes love them. "I wore the socks for 12 hours on 3 consecutive days. When I wasn't wearing the socks, I put them in a sealed plastic bag," says Kline. "I also found mosquitoes love Limburger cheese. Interestingly enough, the main ingredient in the cheese is a bacterium that can be found on the human foot," he says. Incidentally, Limburger cheese was first made in The Netherlands by monks. They trampled the cheese with their feet to get the finished product.

            2. Get enough chicken wings to feed your crowd. Freeze them in a big plastic bag. Make a marinade of your choice. Take frozen wings out of freezer and pour marinade in bag. Put in a carrying bag (not a portable fridge unless you're traveling for hours and hours to get to the campsite - if you are, keep in the portable fridge and defrost at camp). By the time you're ready to cook dinner, the wings have defrosted and marinated.

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                You can also partially cook them, add the hot sauce and freeze. Then just put them on grill and cook until crisped a bit.