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Jun 1, 2005 10:32 AM

Smoothie Suggestions??

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O.k., what are your favorite smoothie suggestions? Lower fat is better... Thanks!

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  1. 1/2 bananna, couple frozen strawberries, handful of frozen berries (blue, black, raz) all w/o sugar. Rice milk, cold Norwegian orange flavor cod liver oil, flax seed oil, TBS ground flax seed, and "Brain Link" powder stuff.

    1. orange juice, frozen blueberries, a banana, some yogurt (i use soy, but regular works fine), a tbsp or so of peanut butter (the peanut butter really holds the whole thing together)

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        Beware of using dairy and citrus, they tend to seperate

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          I know, but for some reason this combination stays smooth! I was guessing it was the peanut butter but I don't know for sure.

          1. re: melon

            I ll have to give that a shot, i cant stand it when the layers seperate. thats why i usually stick to apple or pomengrante juice when using yogurt.

      2. I always use FAGE brand greek fat free yogurt. its strained so its not runny but rather has a creamy texture. that with frozen berries, whey powder, a splash of cranberry juice or milk and ground up flax is delish.

        1. Current fave: vanilla soy milk, 12-16 ounces (Silk has a reduced fat formula), frozen banana (half a large, or whole if it's tiny), dates (3 if they're the huge medjools, 4-5 if smaller; I usually put them in with some water and vanilla extract, bring to a boil, then let them cool, then peel and pit them), 1 tbsp oat bran and 3 tbsps flaxseed ground up together (you can also buy flaxseed meal).

          Don't wait too long to drink it (but then, why would you?) or the oat bran will make it "swell up."

          1. Ground up oatmeal (gives a hearty base and sticks to your ribs a bit more), yogurt, cocoa powder, peanut butter, banana (frozen if possible), handful of ice cubes, maple syrup to taste and as much evaporated skim milk as is needed for consistency. (the evaporated milk really gives it a thicker, shake like feel)

            It's my absolute fav and tastes like I'm doing something seriously naughty.