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May 31, 2005 03:50 AM

Need ideas for LOQUAT glut!

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The extra rain this year has blessed my in-laws w/ an incredible glut of loquats on their tree right now. They gave me some (pictured below) and have 20x that amount still clinging to the tree. Whatever the birds and other critters don't get to are mine for the taking.

Loquats are about half the size of an apricot and I've read are indigenous to China and quite popular in Japan. I peel the fuzzy skin and eat the flesh, which surrounds a smooth mahogany-colored pit. For me, it tastes like a cross btwn. an apricot and lychee. Some are tarter, some are sweeter.

Aside from eating them straight, any ideas or recipes for their use? I'm already thinking jam and chutney. Thinking of using them in a pie or clafoutis w/ cherries. Are these used in any Asian desserts? This fruit is new to me so any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!


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  1. Ah, loquats! They make excellent chutney and jam. It's fiddly, but worth it, to make a pie with them - use a good pinch of ginger. I love loquat upside down cake too - again with ginger.

    1. Loquats (nispero) are also popular here in Spain. Here they are macerated and put in sangria and fruit salad and just eaten plain. I've also seen a sort of meringue and poached loquat layered dessert (kind of like a parfait, in a glass), though I've never tried it.

      I don't have the cookbook with me here, but I seem to remember that one of the Chez Panisse cookbooks had a loquat sauce that could be used as a glaze for roasted meat. I never thought of chutney--that's a good idea.

      1. I think the LA Times (or OC Register) just did a whole spread about loquats, with all kinds of recipes, etc. (Sorry I don't have a link.)

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          Thanks for the heads up! The OC Register's article was very helpful. Here's a link...


        2. I had a loquat liqueur once. I wonder if steeping a bunch in someting neutral like vodka for awhile and adding sugar would produce it. It was quite tasty. I have done that sort of thing with cranberries and made my own Boggs that was good.

          1. whoa, your picture of loquats looks sooooo good!!
            I didn't even know loquats grew on this side of the pacific.

            I know you're looking for recipes but...I wonder if your in-laws may be interested in selling some? since I see you post at the SF board, I am hoping you're not too far from the southy bay :) pls email offline at trillian913atyahoodotcom if you may be interested at all

            ps. I've had good loquat syrup before, but for me the delicate flavor is best left uncooked. good luck on finding new recipes!