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May 30, 2005 11:28 PM

ISO: burger press

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a hamburger press? I'd probably make 6 ounce burgers with it.


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  1. you may want to try using wax paper and 2 dessert plates. put a piece of wax paper on one of the plates, then the meat followed by another piece of wax paper and then press with the 2nd plate. works really well.

    1. I use a large feeezer ziplock bag. I put in 8 oz of meat and gently form it on the counter top, flip it over and finish. Burger presses press the burger too firm, they cook up better and juicier when you use the minimum of handling to form the burger.

        1. I've been using the same plastic hamburger press I bought for about $7.00 years ago in some barbecue catalog. I buy the large family packs of ground chuck (fat is where the flavor is), weigh 6oz of meat in the press and put them two at a time in a freezer bag if I'm not using them right away. Save the fancy equipment for something else. I do recommend a press of some type as it results in patties of uniform thickness. Patties formed by hand tend to be significantly thicker in the middle and make for uneven cooking times.

          1. I can tell you with out a doubt that the Robinson Tastee Rings Burger Press is the best one on the market. It is not a fancy mechanical thing but what it does is great. It puts concentric rings in the surface of the patty and this keeps the burger from warping and shrinking. They even look better so people ask you how you did it. Try it you will like it. You can find them at at