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May 30, 2005 01:28 PM

waterless cooking

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I inherited a Healthcraft electric " waterless" non-stick skillet. I really love it. It's very easy to clean. It is somewhat non-stick without having to worry about all the side effects and noxious gases related to teflon. It cooks more evenly and faster then any cookware I have used. I also have used my mom's healthcraft saucepan and put it to the test. I meausred and boiled the same amount of water side by side on the same stove top, and the Healthcraft saucepan boiled much faster as the demonstraters had claimed.

I have several questions:
#1) If these pots are as great as I have found them to be, how come I have not seen any professional chefs use them? or any cooking stores such as Sur la Table or Williams-Sonoma sell them?
#2) I did a little research on the net about waterless cookware. I found out that there were about 10 different kinds or more of waterless cookware, similiar to the Healthcraft such as Cutco, etc. Many of these brands are much less expensive then the Healthcraft. Does anyone have any experience with the other brands? Do they compare?
#3) I also noticed they sell bakeware and knives, Does anyone have any experience with these?

It is really hard to find reviews on these products because they are only sold at demonstrations at home or in conventions, expos, not in stores. They are so pricey, so I would like to know if its worth the investment. How do they compare to the profeesional french copper professional grade cookware? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
-thank you

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    Eric Klienbach

    There are actually about 40 companies that sell their product through the home shows both in the home and at the civic centers. The main reason these products are sold this way is that very few people would invest; they are an investment, in then with out the benifit of seeing first hand how they actually work. As for the price, take any store bought pot and hold it up to one of show pan and the difference is out right amazing. You will not find the 304 cookware in stores it is too costly, you also will not find TP316L in stores or on any other brand than Saladmaster. I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions regarding this. By the way there is a simple test you can do on any cookware to see how good or not so good they are; take 2 cups of fresh clean water and a table spoon of fresh baking soda and place in the cookware to be tested. Bring to a boil for 5 minutes, let cool and taste. You will not belive it unless you try it. Hope this help. Eric Klienbach (407)518-6066