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May 25, 2005 04:33 PM

Large Quantity Jambalaya help!

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I would like to make a huge batch of Jambalaya for about 30 people. I know that I can't just multply my recipe 8 times, so I was wondering if there was a huge batch recipe out there? Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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  1. Hi,

    I have a recipe that is easy to increase the quantities of, which I have done in the past. It may not be really authentic, but I get a lot of compliments on it, so for what it's worth, here's my own version:

    2 boxes Rice a Roni red beans and rice
    1 onion
    i bag frozen mixed pepper strips (red, green, yellow)
    garlic (however much you like)
    1 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes
    1 Hillshire Farms smoked sausage (pick your favorite type), sliced into thin coins
    2 pkgs. precooked grilled chicken strips (or cook your own chicken), cut into bite sized pieces

    Prepare the Rice a Roni according to the package directions and when done, allow to cook a little longer to evaporate most of the liquid, so it is not so liquidy. In the meantime, saute the onion, garlic and meat. Thaw the pepper strips. Mix everything together in a crockpot or large pot and cook on low for awhile. Serve with hot sauce. Recipe can be multiplied.

    1. I find gumbopages to be a good source for LA cooking. The first recipe on this page is somewhat large, but not for 30, I don't think.

      and here's a link to jambalaya for 120.

      The discussion that follows it gives some rules of thumb for amount of rice per person, etc.


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        I am making jambalaya tomorrow and my recipe calls for 1/2 lb. portions of chicken breast, thigh and sausage and 1/4 lb shrimp. It serves 6. Looking at the recipe given, 3 cans of tomato paste sounds a bit over the top. The recipe I'm using is from cooking light Dec. 2004 issue and appears that you can double at least if your interested.

      2. I have done jambalaya for 30. I doubled one of the epicurious recipes (I think one batch served 16).

        Anyway, my one tip is that if you're making a lot of jambalaya, it's better to finish it off in the oven instead of the stove top. Makes everything less mushy and is less stressful because it holds pretty well in the oven and you can just pull it out when you're ready.

        1. I'm sure that the previous respondents were of more help than I'm gonna be because I've never made a batch jambalaya for that many people. I hope that you have a large stockpot, at least 8 quarts. Our 5-quart Dutch oven gets easily filled for just the 2 of us. But, of course, we get 2 meals out of one batch.

          I never use tomato in jambalaya. The recipe I got more than 20 years ago calls for a hefty quantity of paprika instead of tomato which probably keeps the rice from getting mushy. I also use 'converted' rice which works better than ordinary white rice. If you use bay leaves to season the dish, please count the number of leaves that you use so that you know how many to retrieve before serving the jambalaya. Bay leaves can do a nasty job on the throat, just in case this knowledge is new to you.

          Have hot sauce available so that each person can control the amount of heat that each can tolerate.

          Bon Appetit