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May 25, 2005 02:46 PM

ISO a fluffy white/yellow cake recipe

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I know I could just do a search on Google or Epicurious, but after my last attempt I'm just going to ask here. I tried baking a chocolate cake off the Epicurious site. And although it was good, it looked nothing like the cake in the photo--more fudgey and dense than what I wanted.

This time, I just want a very simple, not too sweet, fluffy white or yellow cake. I'm going to make a simple layer cake with jam and fresh fruit, so I want something very subtle. Does anyone have a trusted recipe, even if it's off a site like Epi? There are so many choices there, it's hard to know which one is exactly what I want.

What I also thought would be great is the type of cake that you get at Chinese bakeries: not quite as dense as poundcake, but similar in buttery-ness and flavor.

Final question: I love the tasted of freshly whipped cream and powdered sugar, but know it won't last long out of the fridge. Will the tartar powder (what's it called?) help stablize it a bit? I need it to hold up a few hours in the fridge. Thanks!

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  1. If you're using sweetened whipped cream, the sugar will help stabilize it for a while. I would think that if you're only holding it in the fridge for a few hours, it would be alright. Depending on how long you want to hold it, you may want to use gelatin to help set the whipped cream.
    This cake recipe is very good. You can probably halve it, dending on how large of a cake you want.


    1. Try this recipe its really easy. I've made it many times and its a favourite at my house. I just fill the cake with jam and whipped cream.


      1. If you live in NYC or near any Chinatown USA those plain cakes they sell cut up in a bag for one dollar are amazingly good. i discoved those cakes under the Manhattan bridge when I was searching for something to dip into chocolate fondue.