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May 25, 2005 12:30 PM

Marble Pastry Board

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I'm making more and more bread and home-made pasta. I'd like to buy a marble pastry board for mixing/kneading/rolling/etc. But none of the ones I'm finding in stores seem big enough.

Can I just go down to the kitchen section of my local home store and buy a big piece of marble counter-top? Or is that marble treated? Or is that marble not treated and marble pastry boards are treated?

And help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Can't really answer your question - I've got one from Williams Sonoma that was polished similar to a counter top. One caution though is that any acid - vinegar, lemon juice is going to mar the surface, if that matters

    1. If you live in or near a region where marble occurs naturally, there will be at least one marble cutter/finisher in the area. There you can find maybe a piece of scrap and get it sized and polished the way you want it. Save a bunch of money.


      1. Aren't you in DC? If so, give a call to the Brass Knob/Back Door warehouse (an architectural salvage place in Adams Morgan). I got a nice big slab there a few years ago.

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          I am in DC. Thanks Butterfly. That's exactly what I needed.

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          babette feasts

          Marble is ideal for butter doughs that need to be kept cold: pie doughs, rolled cookies, croissants & puff. Of course it looks great too, but for bread or pasta and doughs that are better worked with at room temperature, use wood buthchers' block, that's what bakers' benches are made of.