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May 25, 2005 11:24 AM

Bread bakers: do you ever use glass bread pans?

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I've started to notice that the teflon/no stick junk on the side of my bread pans is coming off on my bread. Since I only eat my own bread, its becoming a problem.

I guess I could just get some aluminum pans without the no stick, but I wondered if the glass ones work just as well. Any experience with them?

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  1. When I do multiple loaves of sandwich bread, I use a glass bread pan. It works pretty well, and you get decent crust. That said, I like the quality of the crust better from some of my metal pans.

    You shouldn't be getting anything coming off of your pans on the bread. If that is happening, try - as you mentioned - aluminum or other high quality metal pans. You don't need the ultra slick teflon-coated pans... I love my black aluminum pans - been using them for years and they are like new. And I don't have any problems with bread sticking.

    1. Glass transfers heat more slowly than metal and takes longer to heat up which could affect the quality a bit. You could bake a loaf directly on a baking stone and avoid the pan altogether.

      1. My mom made bread for us when we were growing up. She baked every other day -- and she always used glass pans. I have some black steel pans that work well -- nothing has ever stuck to them. You shouldn't need to use non-stick pans. I like the recommedation of black aluminum -- the heavier, the better.