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May 25, 2005 10:54 AM

ginger parfait/liqueur

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So I'm having a big dinner Friday night and I had planned the following dessert: a frozen ginger parfait (in the traditional sense of egg yolks whipped with sugar syrup, spiked with a good dose of liquor, then whipped cream folded in and the whole frozen, not in the American sense of layer of ice cream and something else), layered in a loaf pan with thin slices of gingerbread to form a terrine, plated with slices of ginger-poached pear and fried shredded ginger. Sounds nice, yes? Except that I can't find Canton ginger liqueur to save my life (or at least my dessert). I can only find Leroux and Hiram Walker ginger brandies, brands which I normally avoid like the plague. Does anyone know if one of these is actually okay? I will be using chopped candied ginger and ginger syrup in the parfait, but the liquor is not usually considered optional - it keeps the parfait from freezing too hard. I don't want to ruin the flavor with something crassly artificial tasting.

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  1. CB, I think you're in the Boston area, right? Not sure where you've tried to find the Canton ginger liqueur, but I've had very good luck finding different things at Rapid Liquors on Main St. in Stoneham. Perhaps a call to them might round up a bottle for you. (781) 438-0595.