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May 24, 2005 04:48 PM

Sour milk - What can I do with it?

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Hi there,
I have almost one litre of organic 3,8% milk that soured and I would rather do something with it than toss it. Can you let me know if I can re-incarnate it into something yummy?

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  1. Use it anywhere you would use buttermilk :-)

    1. Ja, I often have that problem too. I can never drink milk fast enough!

      At home (South Africa), the Xhosa community has something called 'sour milk salad', where they encouraged sour milk to go even further, and become curds, which you then eat. Our housekeeper, a Xhosa lady, would always take milk that went off and use it like this. I tried some once, and didn't much like it. In a community where people are often hungry, dishes like this evolve to prevent food being wasted.

      The other poster is right; if your milk it a bit sour (rather than straight out rotten!), you could bake with it where you'd use yoghurt or buttermilk. Put it in banana bread, pancakes, etc. Or use it to marinate chicken pieces. Or bring it to the boil, add lemon juice to make it curdle, and then strain the curds to make ricotta/paneer (the sour milk salad was a bit like this, only sour, and with tighter curds).

      1. Depends on whether it's homogenized. If it is, dump it. It's useless. If not, then proceed (as someone else mentioned) as with buttermilk.

        1. Use it as you would use buttermilk, or make "pot cheese" with it (heat it gently, let the curds form, and then drain it in a cheesecloth). Use it as you would use quark/dry cottage cheese.

          1. it was robably homogenized and is now not sour but rotted. Pitch it.