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May 24, 2005 04:42 PM

How do you cook pork belly?

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I had a great lunch today at a Michelin 1 star restaurant -- belly of
pork. Anyone have any good recipes for it?



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  1. Doug, I suggest you get a copy of Fergus Henderson's
    "The Whole Beast, Nose To Tail Eating". He has some wonderful recipes for pork belly and also a terrific crispy pig's ear salad. Brining is the secret to great pork belly, then slow roast. Lately pork belly has been turning up in my city on breakfast menus so it's very versatile.

    1. I posted a here few weeks ago asking for a recipe for pork belly braised in a sake/soy liquid and another chowhound replied with a nice-looking recipe...

      1. Frank Stitt has a good sounding Pork Belly Pork Loin & bourbon recipe. Cube The Belly & loin & simmer in bourbon. He has a lot of good prk recipes.

        1. Thanks for all the ideas.