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May 24, 2005 12:32 PM

Induction cooking

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Has anyone here tried cooking with electric induction? How did you like it? Advantages/disadvantages. If you know, what brand and model have you used?

I'm thinking about installing an induction cooktop in my new house, but have yet to have a chance to try one myself so I'm looking for opinions. It seems like a good system, but for whatever reason just hasn't caught on, in the US anyway.

Any information would be helpful

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  1. m
    Marcia M. D'A.

    I used a Kenmore induction cooktop for eleven years before we moved, and I miss it every day. Several manufacturers are coming out with new models in the U.S., and we will surely purchase one when we redo the kitchen.
    Advantages - the burners cycle up and down immediately, just as gas does, they save energy,are good for asthmatics who may have trouble with gas(this was our original reason for buying an induction top), and are actually a pleasure to clean, since the pot gets hot and the burner only retains residual heat from that.
    Disadvantages - you do need pots which are magnetic friendly,though I don't consider it a problem and there are many options. In fact, I used to carry a small magnet around with me to test pans. Le Creuset, All Clad Stainless, some Sitram, and even your regular old cast iron work great. There are many other brands out there.
    A problem we had was a pan with a very small diameter wouldn't work on the burners. Perhaps this has been addressed with the newer models...I couldn't say.
    I'd research carefully before buying, because from what I understand part of the problem with their catching on was that the G.E. and Jenn-Air models were unreliable. We never had any trouble with the Kenmore in all the time we had it. Do check about service - there aren't too many repairpeople who are familiar with induction.
    My whole family loved ours and miss it, but others may have different views.

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      Knew nothing about them before I read this article in the NY Times last Wednesday...