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May 24, 2005 10:42 AM

What to do with leftover liquid from collards?

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I made collard greens this weekend, pretty traditional recipe with ham hocks and turnips, and cooking the life out of the greens. I've eaten all the greens and have all this liquid left which seems like it should be useful for something (plus, isn't that where all the nutrients have gone?). I probably have 6 cups! Soup base? Can I freeze it? Any suggestions?

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  1. Drink it. Pot likker is delicious on its own. Soup base might work but it is kind of strong and may interfere with your other ingredients.

    1. You can freeze it in smaller portions and use with beans and rice, beans and greens (yum rapini) add some to a pasta primavera.

      1. Dunk your cornbread in it, then drink the rest. It's called pot likker and it's quite tasty.

        1. Heat the greens liqiuid to boiling (you left some bits and pieces in, of course). Toss in some pasta (i like broken pieces of fettucine or #8 spaghetti), and chopped up garlic. When done, stir in lightly whipped eggs until set (how many eggs depends on how much broth and how many you want).
          Not a gourmet soup, but a very nice rustic sort of soup, which could become the end product of its own.

          1. You're jokin' right? Hell I could throw away the greens and just dunk corn bread in it and drink the pot likker. It's the best part and full of vitamins... Folks fight over who gets the pot likker.