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May 24, 2005 01:06 AM

basil before tomatoes?

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In our neck of the woods basil comes on at least a month before the field-grown yummy tomatoes. I like basil in Thai soup and as pesto. Are there any other ideas of basil uses before tomatoes come on strong?


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  1. I am growing Thai basil this year. I think it is very versatile. I use it in chicken and pork dishes. I also use it with vegatables. Toss the vegatables in a bit of oil, add S/P and maybe a splash of soy. Quickly saute. Is love it with eggplant, yellow and zucchini squash. I also love to broil asparagus with oil, garlic and S/P- add the basil at the end of the broiling. Good luck

    1. I love it in green salads, tossed with arugula, mint, dill, and other strong flavors. Just the greens with some good parmigiano and an olive oil/lemon dressing makes for a wonderful salad. You could also add bits of pancetta or bacon.

      Last night I added loads of basil to a stuffed pepper recipe. While I think I prefer dill or oregano, the basil was a nice change and complemented the pine nuts in the stuffing mixture.

      1. Great on pizza (end of cooking) and in salads.

        1. I use it in sandwiches, like lettuce. Also toss ripped up pieces of it in pasta. Make a brushetta & throw some in.

          1. Hi, I grow basil too and find many uses for it, but one of our favs is in creamy scrambled eggs. Really good---