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May 23, 2005 10:52 PM

Recipe for tourtiere?

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Looking for a good recipe for tourtiere. I found a link on a post here from several years ago, but it is no longer working. With this unseasonably cold weather here in the NE, I am craving a stick-to-your-ribs meaty tourtiere with a tender, flaky crust! Any suggestions for where to look for a recipe? Thank you.

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  1. Google has a bunch of recipes. If I were not traveling I could give you the Jehanne Benoit recipe but it is at home and I am not.Be sure to make your crust with lard and get some good gound pork for the filling. I love that stuff. There was a Montreal restaurant where it was a frequent special served with frites, peas and pork gravy. Oh what a heavenly combination!

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      Thanks for the tip, I'll look for the Benoit recipe on Google, then!