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May 23, 2005 12:35 PM

Vodka sauce recipe?

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I'm having a dinner party in 2 weeks and I'm in the process of planning the menu -- there's going to be a 3-pasta course, with fettucine in lemon cream sauce (Nigella's recipe), a gnocchi with pesto (my recipe) and a penne with vodka sauce -- but I don't have a recipe for Vodka sauce.

Any suggestions for sauce and/or things to mix into my pasta, like peas or ham or ... what goes in Vodka sauce?

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  1. here is Rachel Ray's vodka sauce recipe which is really good. Sometimes I add shrimp, chicken or prosciutto. Can you post the fettucine recipe? I couldn't find it online...Thanks!!


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      My good friend makes this recipe all the time, so I asked her and she wrote it for me off the top of her head:

      1 pound linguine
      2/3 cup heavy cream
      juice of 1 lemon
      2 egg yolks
      grated parmesan

      mix the cream, lemon juice, egg yolks, parmesan (as much as you want), salt, pepper in a bowl. cook the pasta. drain, reserving some of the cooking liquid. put the pasta back in the pot and add a little butter.
      add sauce. done. (i usually use the cooking liquid to add to leftovers before i put them in the fridge so it doesn't get dry.)

        1. re: rudeboy

          That was my response to her question about the lemon cream fettucine -- not the vodka sauce recipe!

    2. Vodka sauce typically has onions, tomatoes, heavy cream, vodka and crushed red pepper in it (I don't have the recipe in front of me so I cant give you the measurements). It is also usually garnished with chives. I like to go heavy on the crushed red pepper. I think the spiciness goes well with the sauce. Sliced proscuitto, or even pancetta, mixed in at the end would work really well in it.

      1. I always make it with proscuitto, that's traditional.
        I also use tomato paste rather than crushed, for a thicker sauce. People seem to think it's weird, but we like it.

        Here's the recipe my cousin-in-law, the chef, gave me.

        5 oz vodka
        1/2 stick butter
        8 oz heavy cream
        grated cheese to taste
        1/4 lb proscuitto, cut up
        a couple of shallots, diced
        1 small can tomato paste

        Saute shallots and proscuitto in butter.
        Add tomato paste, then vodka, then heavy cream.
        Simmer 5 min.
        Add cheese and red pepper when plating.