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May 23, 2005 11:38 AM

pizza stone

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Any recommendations on a pizza stone? I had one years ago, left it in my oven all the time. It cracked and I never replaced it. I am in the market for a new one. Williams-sonoma has one for $29.00. My local kitchenware store sells one for closer to $40. Any input is helpful....Thanks.

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  1. Save some money and go to Home Depot (or the like) and buy enough unglazed quarry tile to fit your oven rack. If you measure first, most of these places will cut it to fit.

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    1. re: Ray

      ...and an unglazed quarry tile costs $2.

    2. I think rectangle work better than the round stones. Easier to use the pizza peel. ALso, make sure to measure your oven first!!

      1. Just purchased one from Amazon, haven't tried it out yet. But it looks clean and solid.

        It's a rectangle & I paid $24+ (free shipping because I ordered other stuff at the time). I didn't want a circular one either and couldn't find a rectangular one in my local shops.

        1. If you have a Ross store nearby, they had them last week (the round ones) for $7.98, otherwise I'd go with the quarry tiles.