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May 23, 2005 03:33 AM

3yo Birthday Party Food Ideas

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Another question, I am catering a 3yo's Birthday Party this weekend, it's from 10-12am so no major food is necessary and a Frog Theme is the order of the day.

I am making Frog Cupcakes, sandwiches, bowls of fruit and cheese chunks... any other ideas would be most gratefully recieved!


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    Amin (London Foodie '''')

    Dont think 3 year olds would be much interested
    in sandwiches unless it is made interesting for
    them such as jam or peanut butter coating.

    ice cream
    sweets / candies
    chocolates such as Maltesers ? (a hit with the adults as well)
    soft drinks

    1. You might want some breakfast type food like mini bagels with cream cheese and mini muffins since it is at 10am and because it is a party for a 3yo the parents will probably stay, so maybe have some coffee and/or tea for them. You might also want to cut the cheese into shapes which is always a hit with the kids, if you can find a frog shaped cutter that would be a bonus and put them on something that looks like lily pads!

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        In that vein, Sur La Table has cookie cutters in hundreds of shapes for about $1 each, so it might be fun to get a bunch and let the kids cut their sandwich fixin's into different shapes. Or have cookie dough already rolled out, and let them pick which shapes they want. Bake the cookies during the party, and let the kids decorate them for dessert.

        I'm sure somewhere like Toys R Us probably has plastic cookie cutter sets in different colors/shapes as well.

      2. Order a pullman loaf from a bakery and have them dye the bread dark green. Also, have it cut lenghtwise for ease of preparation.

        (Just cut sandwiches into triangles, as shapes cause a lot of waste.)

        1. Popcorn. I have a three year old and they love popcorn! I wonder if you could make it green? They also love quesedillas (sp?) Simple ones, cheese and some deli turkey and you're gold!