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May 21, 2005 11:06 PM

my wedding menu

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ok food lovers, how does this sound...(husband is french, french caterer friends making celebration dinner)..I think it sounds really good but am wondering if other appetizers would be better for sharing. This is a sit down dinner for about 45. Do you have any suggestions for appetizers?
cocktail hour with petit four
Appetizers placed on the table to share:
homemade foie gras, marinated figs + toast
"Petit Paquet" of grilled vegetables stuffed with goat cheese, garlic balsamic dressing
Pan seared sea scallops, cucumber dressing over mesclun
Ballotine of smoked salmon, sauteed asparagus + creamy chive sauce
Main Course: choice of
"Papillotte de Sole" w/two lemon sauce, veg + potato
Pan seared filet mignon, snow peas + rost, grapemust sauce
sauteed red snapper, baby veg + saffron sauce
roasted veal, fresh tagliatelles, morel sauce
Piece Montee
wine and champagne

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  1. This whole menu is too rich for me. How 'bout some mini egg rolls, mini hotdogs in a blanket, crudites with blue cheese dip (not Roquefort fromage) as appetizers. Maybe the Italian 'Tavolo d'Dolci' and Jell-O for dessert. A few bottles of beer and some Jameson as beverages.

    Maybe I should've used the word 'pretentious' instead of 'rich' in my first sentence. Yes, I know...I'm a peasant and proud of it.

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      believe me, we are not pretentious people, just french!! Does french food=pretentious?? My husband and his family are all blue collar...fireman, metalworker, millworker...different aesthetic I guess. Careful not to judge or stereotype us!

      1. re: Scollu

        I can see what the previous poster was responding to, but I don't think it's at all pretentious to have a lot of French food if you're actually French!

        Especially at your wedding!

        If you're worried about what people might think, just don't invite anyone who doesn't know you're French (and should you really invite people who don't know you to your wedding anyway?)

        The only thing on your menu that doesn't sound delicious to me -- I had one of those pacquet things at a wedding and found it underwhelming. I wonder if they shouldn't sit out as long as banquet food tends to?

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          Mi dispiace! I guess my attitude toward French cuisine is colored by my dining in French restaurants where the plates are humongous and there's hardly anything on them. I view all French cooking as being of humble origin that has been over the centuries overblown.

          I hope all the invited guests have a great time. Buona fortuna e cent' anni!

          As for my wedding reception 45+ years ago, we had a typical Italian one with about 300 people.

        2. re: ChiliDude

          And this is helpful how, exactly?

          A wedding is a special occassion. I'm sure that when or if you get/got married, your significant other was happy to hit the McDonald's Drive-through, but some people would like something special.

          And I doubt the OP had any plans to invite you, anyway.

        3. Sounds terrific! There is nothing pretentious about it either. It sounds classic and lovely.

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          1. re: Candy

            Damn straight, it sounds fantastic. You should have little printed menus by the plates--people will enjoy reading the descriptions of the food.

            In terms of apps, you have three things that have a creamy (or at least "wet"--will the cuke and the garlic-balsamic dressings be creamy?) sauce, and then the foie gras, which will be velvety and superrich. Might it be good to add an acidic/sharp/crisp taste? Maybe something pickled? Pickled mixed red and yellow beets? Not sure how I would construct such a dish, but if you like the idea, ask your caterer friends.

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            This sounds like the most wonderful wedding dinner ever (other than my own traditional Italian wedding feast for 40 people last year!). I do agree with another poster that some lightly pickled something would be nice -- perhaps baby carrots or pearl onions might be a nice piquant bite to cut some of the richness of the other appetizer dishes.

            Enjoy your day. I'm sure the meal will be remembered fondly.

            1. Since you are still preparing the menu with a caterer, may I make a suggestion?

              I would consider nixing the asparagus with the smoked salmon and replacing it with a "boat" leaf (radiccio or endive, probably endive) with a sauce, more thickened, resting in it. Maybe even a light hollandaise in the raddiccio (not a pool of it!), and in the endive, maybe even a basil cream (with a few pine nuts riding in?).

              The menu sounds wonderful. Mmmmmm.

              I had to look up a few French terms. Petit paquet (is that like a Pappilotte?)

              What is the age range of the guests?

              And, while little kids often like scallops, other guests might think they are cold or tough. Just a thought. I would love them!

              That is quite a feast you are offering. I'm sure your guests will feel honored.

              Have you chosen your flowers? Maybe consider designing the colors of some dishes to coordinate.


              1. This sounds marvelous! Although I agree that a menu might be good to help the guests identify what all the parts are, especially ones with allergies.

                Best wishes on a wonderful wedding! :)