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May 21, 2005 06:54 PM

Marlin steak advice

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I just bought two beautiful, fresh marlin steaks each about an inch thick, and have no idea how to cook them. The fishmonger said to bake them - what temp? how long? what types of seasonings?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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  1. Wow...I live in FL and have only had this one time! You can grill it! Jeez, I forget how I prepared it the time I had it but we did LOVE it...if I'm not mistaken, it is somewhat similar to swordfish but I need to check that out...I tend to stay away from sword because of #1: being overfished #2: borer worms. Swords are notorious for having parasites.

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      I'm so glad I saw this post, Val, cause I saw some beautiful looking marlin steaks at the market the other day & passed on them, since I figured that they might be similar to shark, and we don't care much for that one!! Hope they have some this week! Thanks.

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        Bake at 350 degrees F for 7 minutes on each side. Marlin has it's own strong flavor and can be cooked or marinaded with just about anything. Garlic, butter, lemon and parsley are ine. Try olive oil, balsamic vinegar and rosemary if you like. Marlin can certainly be pan fried or broiled too.