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May 20, 2005 11:36 PM

What about the White Mountain Ice Cream Machine?

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The previous post got me thinking about the old fashioned hand crank type machine. I see that the new White Mountain machines are more expensive than the Cuisinart or Donvier. Does anyone know how they compare to each other? Are there other old fashioned style brands of ice cream machines I need to know about? I entertain a lot during the summer so the idea of lots of homemade ice cream sounds very appealing. Thanks

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  1. I dont know about White Mountain, but in my view if you want to make ice cream on any kind of regular basis, you want a machine with an integrated freezer. I have a Simac Gelataio and love it.

    1. The White Mountain with a motor works great, but run it in the sink so the slush doesn't get on the floor.

      I had zero luck with a Donvier and donated it to the Salvation Army. This was the hand crank Donvier.

      The little Cuisinart that's got a freezable insert thingie like the Donvier is small volume compared to the White Mountain. For a family feast (barbecue, 4th of July), it's too small.