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May 20, 2005 12:57 PM

Dairy substitutes?

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Can anyone suggest non-dairy substitutes for butter and buttermilk? Does anything come close to the taste of the "real thing'? I guesss I can substitute margerine for the butter, but is there anything better? Thanks

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  1. You can substitute olive oil--even when baking--though I would adjust the recipe a bit adding a bit less oil than butter and a little extra liquid.

    1. Margarine? Ooh...ick. That stuff's nasty.

      What kind of applications? In baking, various vegetable oils can be used instead of butter. In a sauce, I've used raw cashew butter to create body and opacity instead of cream. I don't know exactly what I would use in place of buttermilk...I've never really found a soy yogurt that's really good, but for baking it might work to thin it a bit and perhaps add some vinegar or lemon juice for acidity.

      I could probably suggest more subs if I knew specifically what you were making.

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        Could you be more specific about your needs? Is this substitution for health or religious reasons? With a bit more information, I know you'll get a whole lot of help here.