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May 20, 2005 07:59 AM

Bread Mixers: Which to get?

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Hello -

I have recently become interested in baking. Can anyone give some advice as to which mixer would be best to start with? I am mostly interested in breads, as opposed to cakes and pastries (not sure if that makes a difference).
I think Kitchenaid seems to be the most popular, but a few folks have recommended the Electrolux ( and others one from Jenn-Air (

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I've baked bread several times in past few weeks, but I'm not an expert baker. You already have the best mixer in you home. Use a mixing bowl, a table fork, and your hands. There are no mechanical parts to fail and have to be replaced. You may even be more satisfied with the resulting product than if you used fancy-schmancy equipment.

    One bit of advice...make a sponge for your bread the night before you mix the finished dough. Proof the yeast before doing anything else even tho the manufacturer or recipe says that you don't need to do that. Never throw yeast away because of the expiration date...proof it to see if it is still alive.

    Carol Field's book, The Italian Baker, is a good one to have. I got a copy for about $8 on the 'net. The original price was $35.