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May 19, 2005 03:49 PM

Truffled Egg Toast with Bottarga (inoteca)

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Although I've never had it, I've become intrigued by the Truffled Egg Toast with Bottarga served at inoteca. Does anyone have a recipe for it or venture to guess how it is made? I've Googled for it but I haven't come up with much.

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  1. I know that the non-Bottarga uses two egg yolks.

    1. Here's Amanda Hesser's recipe (minus the bottarga).


      1. the inoteca version starts with toast made from sullivan street bakery pullman bread. if you don't live in nyc and can't get access to this bread, it is similar to a regular white sandwich loaf, but dense and unbelievably springy. this is difficult to duplicate; i would sub with the best bread available in your area. the toast is topped with a poached egg, asparagus (cut into roughly half-inch pieces), parmigiano reggiano, and truffle oil. it is indeed very, very good.

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          I found a picture of it and I can't tell if that is a poached egg on top. It looks like a hole is cut out and the egg is cooked in it. What do you think?


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            yes, i think they do cut a hole in the toast for the egg. but i'm not sure if the egg is actually cooked in the toast or if it's cooked separately and placed there. i'd try it both ways and see what works better. in any case, the yolk should be runny, so that when you break it with your fork it mixes with the asparagus, toast, parmagiano, and truffle oil to create a decadent sauce. also the bread is sliced thick (maybe an inch or more).

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              Thanks, I think I understand it now. I've even located an online source for the bottarga.

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