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May 19, 2005 09:25 AM

coffee in a bialetti

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i haven't been having much luck making coffee in my bialetti. I haven't figured out 1) right coffee beans 2) coarseness of the grind

Of late, the coffee seems to be super strong. I would like to have a nice drinkable cup without having to add water on top of it. Any suggestions?

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  1. I love the coffee out of my bialetti because it is so strong (in our house, we like to claim that it helps grow hair on one's palms!). I'm not sure there is a way to make it weaker. Perhaps a coarser grind would permit the steam to come up through the coffee more rapidly, and hence you would distill less of the wonderful coffee essence? Just a thought.

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      Miss Tenacity

      Bialettis (or moka pots) are meant to make really strong coffee - somewhere between espresso and brewed. If you'd like great coffee one cup at a time, try a single cup drip apparatus - and it doesn't even require a stove! :-)

      See link below for an example... (the one that I currently use and it works great)